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Summary of Top Legal Money Lenders of 2022

Whichever you choose to do in Tuas, make sure you have sufficient cash on hand. If not, you can always count on licensed moneylenders to tide your finances over.

Don’t Get Delayed Monthly Income Through a Payday Loan

Monthly income delays are usually apparent because of slow business or an accident your employer cannot prevent. On the other hand, you won’t need to struggle through delays because payday loans will quickly give your monthly income, allowing you to pay it back the month right after.

Why Use Licensed Moneylenders For Payday Loans?

All licensed moneylender services in Singapore are fully under the Ministry of Law and Registry of Moneylender’s regulations. Therefore, all loan contracts have their approval, ensuring that you have recourse if something happens with your financing.

  1. Credit Scores Unnecessary
    Additionally, you won’t need high credit scores to take out payday loans. Licensed moneylenders are lenient with scores even if they do hard inquiries. Your income and work stability are the anchors of your loan application results.
  2. Pay For Your Utilities
    A payday loan guarantees you can pay your utility bills and avoid any disconnection. Income delays, especially for homes that live paycheck-to-paycheck, can cause enormous troubles for many Singaporeans.
  3. Prevent Ballooning Debt
    Alternatively, you can use your payday loans to address all due monthly payments for your ongoing debt, mortgage, or other financings. Income delays can cause tremendous interest rate ballooning, resulting in penalties that an on-time income can prevent.
  4. Regulated and Legitimate Service
    Suppose your licensed moneylender does not explain the loan contract to you or has you perform an activity out of order. In that case, you can report their payday loan misgiving to the Registry of Moneylenders. If they’re found to commit illicit activities, the Registry can revoke their lending license.

Steps to Have Your Payday Loan

It’s easy to apply for payday loans. Just follow the steps below!

  1. Apply Through a Branch or Online
    Virtually all licensed moneylenders have their respective branch or an online portal to submit your loan application. Both avenues will have a friendly representative to assist and answer your questions.
  2. Give All Necessary Documents and Requirements
    Your licensed moneylender will ask you to provide proof of eligibility. You’ll need to submit your NRIC card, employment contract or three months of payslips, and any proof of residential billing. Easily, your proof of billing can be your credit card statement or any utility bill you have around the house.
  3. Wait For Your Loan’s Release
    You need to wait only a few hours to days to receive your loan application results and the total loan amount.

Moneylender Review: An Excellent Loan Comparison and Review Website

Comparing and researching loan offers and other details is crucial in finding the perfect financing for you, especially if it’s something other than your payday loans. Moneylender Review’s comprehensive database of licensed moneylender offers, transparent customer reviews, and advanced search algorithms can help you find the best one for your needs.

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