Have you ever experienced being in a sudden financial bind because of an unexpected bill or emergency? If you have, you may remember how difficult it is to get the funds you need. You may have had to borrow from your family or friends, loan from a bank or pawn off your prized jewelry to make up the funds you need. Unfortunately, either one of these methods can take time and you may have to pay more than what you borrowed depending on your arrangement with your family, friends, bank or selected pawn shop. Fortunately, you can also borrow funds from moneylenders if you find yourself pressed for cash. You simply have to apply online, submit a few requirements and you can get the funds as fast as 24 hours. However, with the number of moneylenders now online promising they have the best loan offers for anyone who needs funds, which one should you trust? Here are five of the most notable moneylenders in Singapore you can count on for your sudden financial trouble: