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As a non-biased directory for your financial needs, Moneylender Review rates, ranks, and analyzes the best loans on the moneylender market. We compare terms and conditions, interest rates, repayment plan and more. Best of all, we have a comprehensive moneylender reviews directory.

Use this directory as a base to make an informed choice. All the private money lending service providers on our list have the most competitive rates, reliable services, and will help you get the loan you need to meet your financial needs.

To make loan applications a breeze, we also offer a quick and straightforward loan application service. With Moneylender Review, you will only go through the loan application process once, instead of applying for multiple licensed lenders.

Once you’ve chosen the loan quote that best suits your needs, all you have to do is book an appointment with one of our friendly and reliable loan advisors to sign the loan contract and finalize the deal.

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Over 1,000+ real customer reviews

Finding a reliable, trustworthy licensed money lender in Singapore can be difficult. Thankfully, we have over 1,000 verified customers who willingly shared their experiences!

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Criteria for Services

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With these criteria in mind, we make sure that you get a tailor-made loan based on your capacity to repay. We also make sure that you get an ideal repayment plan to avoid delayed payments.

There are plenty of money lending institutions in Singapore. Choosing the right one can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Here at Moneylender Review, we take the hassle out of comparing loans from multiple money lenders.

So how do we pick the best moneylender in Singapore?

Here are the 3 simple yet solid criteria when we are looking for a good loan deal and a trustworthy money lender.

  • Licensed by the Registry of Moneylenders: We only choose accredited lenders who are listed on the Ministry of Law’s website. This ensures that you are applying for a legal and accredited moneylender in Singapore.
  • Current Borrower’s Reviews: We curate genuine feedback and reviews from actual borrowers. This will provide you with information to make an informed decision.
  • The Best Possible Package: Aside from reviews and feedback, we also analyze the best loans on the moneylender market by comparing interest rates and flexible payment plans. This will help you find the type of loan that meets your financial needs.

Moneylender Review

Up-to-date reviews

In search of the best loan provider near you? Whether you are looking for a personal loan to fund your well-deserved vacation or a business loan to expand your ventures, we can help you decide!

Moneylender Review
Why TRUST MoneyLender Review?

Why TRUST MoneyLender Review?

At Moneylender Review, we want to make finding the right licensed money lender easy for you.

Informative, Reliable, and Transparent Reviews

Actual borrowers can fill up a feedback form where they can leave genuine feedback and reviews.

Singaporeans looking for the right financial product can read over a thousand reviews left by real customers. We only offer informative, reliable, and transparent reviews. In doing so, you can have an informed choice for your financial situation.

Non-Biased Directory For Your Financial Needs

Moneylender Review offers free, unbiased, and up-to-date reviews and special features of each money lending institution. We are a one-stop platform to compare and make smarter financial choices.

The list provided on our website meets the terms and regulations laid down by the Moneylenders Rules. In following the set rules and regulations, we ensure that borrowers will get the type of loan that they desire to meet their financial needs.

Help You Find The Best Possible Package

Here at Moneylender Review, we provide up-to-date information to guide you in your search for low-interest rate loans. We provide up to 3 FREE loan quotes from the top licensed moneylenders in Singapore. This takes the hassle out of comparing the best loans with low rates, fees, and flexible repayment periods.

Over 2,500+ approval loans

Moneylender Review aims to point you to the best licensed moneylender in the shortest amount of time and with the least effort. Anyone can read through the genuine customer feedback and reviews on the money lenders directory.

From this website, you can also compare loans from different moneylenders. We list special features, including interest rates, tenures, fees, and other charges. This will give you a clear view of what you are applying for.

We provide up-to-date information about the moneylending service providers with the lowest interest loans. Equipped with the right information for comparing rates and repayment periods, you can make a smart, informed financial choice.


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