How to Conduct Bankruptcy Search in Singapore

Bankruptcy is not a familiar story you would like to hear. However, due to various reasons or due diligence tasks, we may need to do bankruptcy searches for individuals and corporations before making essential decisions later.  Bankruptcy involves current and future legal implications and impacts people, be it professional, personal, or financial matters. You may […]

How Much Loan Can You Take in Singapore?

Singapore embraces financial tech and revolutionary developments whenever it can. It’s one of the biggest, forward-thinking principles Singaporeans and foreigners praise about their government and financial institutions.  However, numerous financing avenues and routes have the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) observing and looking through all possible areas of abuse and over-borrowing. The prolific trade of […]

Illegal Money Lender Singapore: Red Flags to Be Aware of

Taking out a loan is a great option to finance assets you want to buy. It’s also a great option when you’re paying off other debt obligations. That’s why many Singaporeans consider getting a loan from a money lender. Unfortunately, not all money lenders are credible. In fact, you’ve probably heard of horror stories involving […]

5 Ways to Pay Off Credit Card Debt in Singapore

Using credit cards has a lot of benefits. For one, it makes online transactions, not only in Singapore but also worldwide, much easier. It also boosts your spending power without having to withdraw cash. But with great power comes great responsibility. With all the convenience they offer, it also increases your risk of credit card […]

Top Reliable Money Lenders in Singapore 2021

With so many money lenders on the market offering low interest rate deals and attractive loan packages, finding the right loan to suit you in Singapore can be a challenge – especially if you’re unsure which lenders are 100% reliable and legitimate. Before you submit a loan application with the first money lender whose friendly […]

Is Higher Effective Interest Rate Better?

In getting a bank loan it is important that you are aware of the important difference between the advertised interest rate and the effective interest rate.  Awareness of this distinction would give you better insights on the expense that you are incurring in relation to loans that you decide to avail. But aside from this, […]

What Are Your Responsibilities as a Guarantor for a Loan?

When we talk about loans in Singapore, it is almost always that we mention the word guarantor. But what does guarantor actually mean? What does he/she do?  In this article, you will learn what a guarantor is, the guarantor’s qualifications, and responsibilities. Either you need to look for one or are being asked to be […]

Bridging Loans Explained: How Does It Work?

Singapore has been known to have one of the most expensive housing markets in the world. As one person’s family grows bigger or career gets further, a need for a new home and space is inevitable.  However, given the high rate of residential spaces in Singapore, people are apprehensive about buying one.  As a solution, […]

What You Need to Know Before Applying for Student Loan in Singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s best examples of a fully-globalized country while preserving its core culture. Globalization brings many pros and cons; education costs being one of the latter. Truthfully, Singapore has one of the highest-quality education sectors worldwide, but it doesn’t mean it’s always affordable. Nowadays, Singaporean families pay nothing for primary school […]

5 Smart Ways to Get Out of Debt

Living in Singapore can be expensive, and it isn’t always easy to cut back on credit card use and loans. Unfortunately, debt is a growing problem and finding effective ways to reduce debt requires a little knowledge and know-how regarding the various options available to you. You may have heard about one or two strategies […]

What Is the Debt Repayment Scheme (DSR) in Singapore?

From time to time, we all encounter problems with debt. Sometimes, keeping up with bills, credit card payments and borrowing obligations isn’t always easy and debts can spiral out of control – leaving people running the risk of bankruptcy.  If you’re a debtor looking to agree a suitable repayment scheme or repayment plan with your […]

Best Licensed Money Lenders That Open on Sunday

Life in Singapore can be fast-paced, hectic and oftentimes expensive. From time to time, we all need to find some quick cash, whether that be by applying for credit, borrowing money from a bank or approaching licensed money lenders for a competitive business or payday loan.  There are tons of amazing moneylenders on the market […]

Best Personal Loan for Foreigners in Singapore

We all need to borrow a little bit of money from time to time. But being a foreigner in Singapore can sometimes mean that standard personal loans aimed at Singaporean citizens just don’t cut it – or are out of reach for non-citizens. Despite what other loan guides might tell you, you might need to […]

Understanding the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR)

The total debt servicing ratio or TDSR is the maximum threshold for property loans. Usually, you are only allowed to dedicate up to 60 percent of your gross monthly income to debt repayments. And you have to remember that the TDSR is not a temporary cooling measure. It is a permanent structural reform followed by […]

What You Should Know About Singapore Moneylenders Act

Borrowing money has become an important industry in Singapore. It has helped thousands of people survive financial crises and difficulties. But, the business of moneylending is not free of problems.  There are loan sharks or “Ah Long” which are illegal lenders who would charge exorbitant fees and who are willing to use violence and intimidation […]

Are Unsecured Loans a Good Idea?

If you’re looking for a personal loan in Singapore, chances are you’ll need to choose between two key loan types: secured loans or unsecured loans. The main difference between the two is that secured loans, like mortgages, home loans and car loans, are tied to collateral or personal assets. In contrast, unsecured loans, like revolving […]

5 Ways to Improve Bad Credit Score in Singapore

A bad credit score can greatly negatively affect your loan-taking transactions. Some financial institutions, such as banks, will not approve your loan application with a credit score that is less than optimal. However, it is not impossible to improve bad scores, although it will take some time and effort. Understanding Credit Score Your credit score […]

Top 6 Legal Money Lenders in Singapore

Singapore has one of the most vigorous financial industries in the region. It is no surprise that the country abounds with money lenders that offer various financial and loan services.  However, not all of the hundreds of licensed money lenders in Singapore offer the same level of quality of services. This is why, we decided […]

Learn How to Borrow Money in Singapore With This Guide

There is no need to rely on an ‘x ah long’ to ease financial troubles because a Singaporean, permanent resident, or even a foreigner can borrow from banks, financial companies, or licensed moneylenders.  Factors to Consider When Choosing a Loan Provider When you apply for a loan, there are factors of considerations that you have […]

Best Short Term Loan in Singapore 2021

Businesses and individuals may fall out of capital or money, respectively, to purchase immediate or urgent needs. When this happens, a short term loan like line of credit, payday loan, invoice financing, merchant cash advances, among others, could be a lifesaver. The debt will most probably get approved than not because in this type of […]

Where to Apply for a Loan if You Have a Bad Credit?

Loan applications are stringent in themselves, with eligibility criteria and lots of requirements. Coupled with a bad credit score, this may be more difficult and almost impossible to achieve with lending institutions such as banks. However, it is not completely impossible to get an approval with that kind of situation. Understanding how credit scores work […]

How to Retrieve Your CBS Report

Have you ever been turned down for a car loan or personal finance on account of your credit history? As a borrower, having good credit can often mean the difference between a loan application approval or rejection – especially if you’re applying via banks or similar banking financial institutions.  These days, many money lenders in […]

Don’t Fall for These 10 Personal Loan Myths

If you need a personal loan to plug gaps in your finances, don’t be deterred by the often-erroneous personal loan myths that are circulating online. You may have heard that personal loan interest rates are unreasonably high, a credit card is a better financial tool with a simpler application process or that lower credit scores could […]

10 Expenses You Can Finance With a Personal Loan

Saving money is the best skill any individual, especially Singaporeans, can possess. Anybody who learns practical, money-saving habits can carry over its principles and achieve their life goals. However, some situations limit the time we possess to save enough money. In this light, a personal loan is the most convenient solution during periods of varying […]

Declaring Bankruptcy: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Bankruptcy cases are becoming increasingly common in Singapore. Nobody wants to be declared bankrupt, but if you have debts or assets to pay off, or you’re suffering big problems with bill collectors, mortgage payments or other significant debts, bankruptcy may be a last-ditch option to satisfy your creditors. Let’s take a look at how bankruptcy […]

What Debt Collectors Can and Can’t Do Under the Law?

As the moneylending industry in Singapore progressed, so are the schemes and scams created to deceive borrowers. One particular problem is the rise of loan sharks who would use debt collectors to intimidate and harass their unfortunate clients. This why it is important to only trust licensed moneylenders. These lenders are bound by the rules […]

Where to Apply for a Fast Cash Loan in Singapore?

One type of personal loan that is popular for its convenience and efficiency is the fast cash loan.  There are many considerations that you must carefully assess before deciding whether or not these kinds of personal loans will best fit for you.  Aside from this, there are also a lot of lending institutions in Singapore […]

Refinance Home Loan: When It Makes Sense

After acquiring any type of loan, a borrower will rethink their existing loan, whether it is possible to make it more convenient or not.  Questions such as ‘is it possible to lower the interest rates’ or ‘can I have lower monthly installments’ will be thought of. Refinancing can answer these questions by providing ways to […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Payday Loans

You’ve worked hard for the entire month, and you’re looking forward to finally getting your pay by the promised pay cut period, as usual. However, an incident has helplessly disabled your employer from issuing pay until they resolve it within the next week.  Unfortunately, as any employee, you have bills to pay, a house loan […]

Credit Card Vs Personal Loan: Which is Better?

If you need so much money within a short period, the answer is always to have a personal loan. Truthfully, if you can go beyond the usual six months of income you get from personal loans, the better. On the other hand, some borrowers swear by credit cards because they’re much more accessible than personal […]

Best Study Loans in Singapore: A Comparison Between Top Banks

The average cost of education in Singapore in a local or public university is S$8,000 to S$9,000 per year. Citizens of Singapore qualify for a tuition fee subsidy under the MOE Tuition Grant. For non-subsidized education, the tuition fees at university average at S$10,000 or more annually. For this reason, many rely on education loans […]

Registry of Moneylenders Role in Singapore Moneylending

The moneylending industry of Singapore is made complicated by unlicensed moneylenders operating at the guise of licensed moneylenders. The Ministry of Law passed the Moneylenders Act to deter all illegal moneylending services with the help of the Registry of Moneylenders (RoM). The Registry of Moneylenders (RoM) supervises both the registration as well as the regulation […]

Monthly Installment Loans: What is It and Where to Apply

What is a Monthly Installment Loan? A monthly installment loan involves receiving a whole lump sum loan, which will be paid through several installments. It can be a secured or unsecured loan, with the secured type requiring assets as collateral.  Because it is due monthly, the repayment stays the same throughout the loan term, making […]

Are You Confused By Debt Consolidation?

Having an outstanding high-interest rate loan and overdue loan payments on one credit card can be a severe problem. It becomes more complicated, especially when you have plunged deeply into debt with some credit facilities. This dilemma may result in a burdensome tracking of your due dates, processing fee, and payment period and may cause […]

How Can a Foreigner Loan Helps Expatriates in Singapore?

Singapore is one of the most expensive places in the world to live in not only for foreigners but also for Singapore Citizens/ PRs. To get through the toughest of times for many expatriates living in Singapore, there are many credit institutions that offer foreign loans with low-interest rates. Loans for expatriates are basically those […]

How to Spot and Deal With Loan Sharks in Singapore

In the past years, a lot of Singaporeans have relied on the help of loan companies and businesses for their personal or business survival.  The success of the lending industry in the country is partly due to the government’s comprehensive and strict rules when it comes to borrowing and lending money. The rules and guidelines […]

Pawn Shop Loan Vs Moneylender Loan: Which is Better?

People usually get loan products such as credit cards or personal loans from traditional money-lending institutions like banks and moneylenders.  When in dire need of money or at the point of desperation, getting loans from a pawn shop is probably one of your best alternatives. Pawn shops in Singapore have their own advantages that weigh […]

What to Do Before and After Filing for Bankruptcy

Being submerged under a huge amount of debt with interest might make it impossible for debtors to repay their financial obligations.  However, filing for bankruptcy can make it possible to get rid of this burden. Despite its negative connotations, filing for bankruptcy is designed to help debtors and creditors alike. What is Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is […]

How to Get Fast Cash, Urgent Loan in Singapore

Uncertainties continue to go beyond what is expected in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis. People cope to survive each day locked inside without knowing what is coming next.  Since the advent of the pandemic, the speed of the economic recovery recedes. It comes as spending patterns, trade and retail, business travel, and working from […]

6 Signs You’re Working With a Potential ‘Ah Long’ or Loan Scammer

You’ve spent hours looking for the best offers from financial institutions, and you’ve discovered that a potential loan provider can offer your ideal amount with a reduced interest rate and longer loan term. However, Singapore has many “ah longs” or loan sharks, which are notorious gang-backed financial institutions operating without any government regulation. If the […]

What is Cash Advance and How Does It Work?

Singapore might be one of the most expensive countries in the world, but it doesn’t mean Singaporeans, foreign workers, and tourists have no access to supplementary cash services. Cash advance services are available for Singaporeans from banks and financial institutions. On the other hand, foreigners can use their credit cards — for a fee — […]

How Hard Is It to Get a Loan in Singapore?

Applying for a loan can be a meticulous process, that is why it can look difficult for some borrowers wishing to do so. However, the application process in Singapore can be relatively fast.  It is not difficult to get a loan in Singapore, as long as you know the eligibility criteria and requirements for each […]

21 Practical Ways on How to Save Money in Singapore

Singapore is a world-class country with a melting pot of culture. Anywhere you look, you see fusions of culture everywhere that east-meets-west is a daily fact of life. You can expect such a globalized country to take big financial leaps in providing the highest quality of life for its citizens. Thankfully, with proper planning and […]

How To Choose The Best Money Lender In Singapore

There are many instances when we suddenly face unexpected financial emergencies that make us nervous and frustrated. One of the sources you may use to take care of your financial needs is by using the services of legal moneylenders. However, locating a reliable and trusted moneylender is not a simple task, particularly since the Singapore […]

Are Personal Loans Impossible to Get in Singapore?

Many people do not realize how easy the process of applying for personal loans is. But most are often asking about how one can qualify for a personal loan in Singapore. Personal loans are unsecured types of loans, meaning that they do not require any form of collateral. Therefore, the moneylender will not have access […]

How to Keep Your Personal Loan Under Control

When you need money, personal loans are a lifesaver and, in some cases, it can help you achieve great things. However, there are cases when we lose sight of how to handle our loans, especially when we take out a large loan for an emergency expense. We may end up panicking because we do not […]

Learn How To Manage Your Financial

Many young adults in Singapore are by now already employed. It could be that you work at an SME, MNC, or at your start-ups and of course the government. It is unavoidable that some area of these jobs range will involve some form of managing your finances. This article highlights some financial management skills that […]

How To Get Your Personal Loan Approved In The Quickest Time

Some people are very certain that their applications will get approved. However, they get rejected eventually for some unclear reason. You need to realize that licensed moneylenders are in business. Hence they have parameters put in place. This helps reduce the risk involved with lending to clients who are defaulters. Below are some ways to […]

Where To Find Low-Interest Money Lender In Singapore

Every now and then you might encounter some financial concerns in life. In such situations, you will need to choose a reputable money lender. The lender needs to be able to offer you suitable loan packages for your needs. The loans offered should be attracting low interests. To help you find the right moneylender that […]

Credit Card Suspended? Here’s Where To Find Money

Singapore’s Monetary Authority (MAS) changed the regulations on unsecured loans. These changes specify the loan amount you can now borrow. The new unsecured loan limit established by Singapore Monetary Authority may not work for many individuals. Life situations at times may require that you have some urgent funding. Therefore, you will need financial aid for […]

Why Emergency Fund Is Important To You

It has been ranked amongst the top cities to reside in. Singapore has the highest costs of living in the world. These costs seem to be on the increase. Even for costs such as food, housing, healthcare, petrol and basic needs. However, the only thing that remains stagnate is the salary. Nearly all Singaporeans would […]

You Could Be Ruining Your Credit Score Without You Realising It

There are common mistakes that can ruin your credit rating in Singapore. This will prevent you from accessing mortgages, credit cards and bank loans. Your credit rating is important when you are seeking payday loans. Therefore you will be surprised when some of those little things you do affect your credit rating for the worse. […]

When To Use A Personal Loan For Education In Singapore

When you are not able to get a study loan, Singaporeans can consider using a moneylender personal loan for school fees and education. Advancing your education as well as improving your skills is important when you wish to advance your career due to the high level of competitive careers in Singapore. However, in Singapore professional […]