If you’re in Clarke Quay, you wouldn’t want to pass up the chance of riding a boat along the Singapore River. Alternatively, you have many museums, wide parks, such as Fort Canning, and more boat rides in the area.

Summary of Top Legal Money Lenders of 2022

Before you head out to Clarke Quay, make sure you’ve got enough cash to use in your journeys. You can use a licensed moneylender to help you finance your weekend getaway.

How To Not End Up Working With a Loan Shark

Singapore’s licensed moneylenders are always reliable for their regulated and fair service. Unfortunately, loan sharks haven’t stopped their operations to trick unsuspecting customers into using their scam-oriented services. However, thanks to The Registry of Moneylenders by the Ministry of Law and, it’s easy to avoid loan sharks.

  • Ask Their License Number
    All licensed moneylenders have their respective license numbers. Without it, they’re automatically loan sharks. The Registry of Moneylenders has the right to license, test, and revoke any licensed moneylender’s operations with offenses.
  • Check Reviews About Their Service
    If the licensed lenders provide you with their license number and present it in the Registry, consider evaluating their services. Check customer reviews and assess their case-per-case handling. If they have minimal to justifiable negative customer reviews, consider whether you can work with them or otherwise.
  • Did They Initiate Conversation?
    All licensed moneylenders can only advertise using a website belonging to them. They cannot use social media to reach out to customers. Furthermore, they cannot use telemarketing and digital marketing strategies. All their physical advertisements are only within their physical sites. Any form of outreach or offers you received through a call or text message is automatically from a loan shark.
  • Use The Registry Of Moneylenders For Reference
    The Registry of Moneylenders has a convenient moneylenders list to help you find the perfect lender for your needs or the one closest to your location. Before you finalize using your prospect licensed lender, check out the Registry’s website’s list first.

Avoid Deep Debt: Prepare Responsibly

The last thing any borrower wants is to get deeply indebted to their lenders. Alternatively, your creditors want you to pay your debt and avoid any long-term financial altercations. To avoid deep debt, prepare responsibly by doing the following:

  • Check Other Offers From Different Lenders
    Singapore has hundreds of licensed moneylenders. It’s best to check and see if others have ongoing zero to small-interest deals for a few years. By checking out these offers, you can get the best results for your financing and manage it effectively. Take your time, and you will likely discover something worthwhile.
  • Calculate Your Regular Budget
    If your current income is insufficient in paying back an ongoing college debt or mortgage, it’s best to leave your loan application for another day. Contending with a maximum interest rate ceiling of 4% and a $60 processing fee with licensed money lenders can leave you in deep debt quickly.

Use Moneylender Review’s Advanced Search Algorithms

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List of Money Lenders in Clarke Quay