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Summary of Top Legal Money Lenders of 2022

However, if you have insufficient cash due to excitement, we can’t blame you. Luckily, you can easily get the cash you need if you’re short through licensed moneylenders.

What is a Foreigner Loan?

Foreigners in Singapore can only dream of a seamless bank transaction. Because they lack credit scores, foreigners cannot use bank services accordingly. Fortunately, licensed moneylenders in Singapore can provide personal foreigner loans without credit histories.

The Advantages of Using Licensed Moneylenders for Foreigner Loans

Truthfully, the obvious foreigner advantage with licensed moneylenders is the lack of credit history requirement. Both foreigners and Singaporeans need high credit scores to use bank services. Foreigners in Singapore find licensed moneylenders much better due to the following.

  • Accessible at Any Time

All lenders have their respective websites, allowing borrowers to browse through their products and services. The foreigner loan online portal allows borrowers to apply and receive their loan amount in the shortest period possible.

  • No Credit Scores Required

Most licensed moneylenders will perform a “hard” inquiry of your credit score. However, it will have zero bearings on the lender’s final decision regarding your loan application.

  • Easy to Fulfill Eligibility and Requirements

Any foreigner with a valid working pass can apply for a foreigner loan. However, they’ll need to establish their local temporary or permanent residence and income and occupational stability.

Steps to Accomplish Your Foreigner Loan

It’s easy to apply for a foreigner loan in Singapore. Just go through the following steps, and you’ll get right to receive your loan in the fastest possible way.

1. Apply for a Loan Through The Lender’s Online Portal

Ask for your chosen moneylender’s online application portal. Additionally, inspect the licensed moneylender’s license number. Ensure that you can find their license number in the Registry of Moneylender’s official list to prevent any possibility that you’re working with a possible loan shark.

2. Submit All Necessary Requirements

Most licensed moneylenders will ask foreigners to submit a copy of their Working Pass. Additionally, they’ll ask for supplementary information to establish the borrower’s residence (tenancy agreement), income (employment letter offer or 3 months of payslips), and other additional documents that prove their age and other eligibilities.

3. Wait For Less Than A Day To Claim Your Financing

Once you submit all your requirements and the lender deems you eligible for your foreigner loan, you can receive your loan amount in hours or less than a day. You won’t wait for months to get your total loan amount.

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