Bukit Panjang is the home of the Chestnut Nature Park, Singapore Quarry, and the festive culinary hawker center that saves you plenty of money while offering you so much flavor and variety.

Summary of Top Legal Money Lenders of 2021

However, make sure you’re never short on cash by always working with licensed moneylenders. In doing so, you’ll enjoy your temporary Bukit Panjang getaway in the best way possible.

Different Types of Loans You Can Get From Licensed Moneylenders

Local registered moneylenders in Singapore allow you to have financing immediately without the long waits and lines in banks. Here are five different loans you can choose from using their services.

  • Personal loan

    You can get up to six times your monthly salary with a successful personal loan. You’ll often end up with interest rates lower than 4% and an admin fee that does not exceed 10% of the principal of a loan.

  • Business loan

    Loans for startups and small businesses in Singapore require an in-depth submission of its founders and the business’s occupational and personal expenses to achieve business loan application success. Business loans are helpful when planning your business expansion.

  • Payday loan

    If your employer delayed your income for any reason, you could use payday loans to tide you over the following month. You’ll only need to pay your lender after your income finally arrives in your bank account.

  • Monthly loan

    Most monthly loans function similarly to revolving credit. As long as you pay your loans on time, you won’t incur high-interest rates. It’s convenient if you need immediate cash to purchase your needs.

  • Foreigner loan

    Singapore’s foreign workers have limited financing options with Singaporean banks. However, foreigner loans from licensed moneylenders make it easy to have sufficient financing.

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List of Money Lenders in Bukit Panjang

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