It’s true that if you need to relax, you can head to Mandai and enjoy a great Saturday in Singapore zoo or have a night safari during your weekend getaways. Whichever you choose to do, make sure you’re never short on cash. You’ve got licensed moneylenders to help you have fun without worrying about finances.

Summary of Top Legal Money Lenders of 2021

What is a Bridging Loan?

If you need to have a tremendous sum for property down payment, a bridging loan can secure the spot for you. You’ll need to pay for a month or until the property’s completion date. Licensed moneylenders provide this service conveniently for Singaporeans and foreign workers.

Why Use Licensed Moneylenders For Bridging Loans?

  • No Credit Score Needed

Banks are obsessed with your credit scores. However, licensed moneylenders focus on your income stability and accessibility. Present documents that prove your eligibility, and you can get your loan amount on the same day.

  • Easy Application Process

Most licensed moneylenders make their services accessible using their online portals. However, you can just submit your requirements in their physical branches and get your loan on the same day.

  • Ample Amounts

Licensed moneylenders can supply enough cash to secure your reservation on a new property. While banks dwarf their reserves, licensed moneylenders are always ready to help with all your needs.

Is It Difficult to Apply For a Bridging Loan? 

Not at all! You’ll just need to head to your chosen lender’s website. They’ll then ask you to submit several documents, which often include your NRIC, employment certificate, payslips, and others the lender might indicate. If you submit all your documents and prove your eligibility, you can get your financing on the same day.

How Can Moneylender Review Help You Find The Perfect Loan?

By visiting our website, you can get tips, such as the following. Additionally, you’ll get the best quotes from licensed moneylenders.

  • Enormous Cash In a Short Timespan

A six-time-salary figure is challenging to have in just a week or month. Fortunately, a bridging loan from a licensed moneylender can give you upto six months of your available salary in a short time. This situation is the most ideal for anyone planning to borrow money.

  • Zero Existing Debt

If you’ve recently cleared and closed a recent loan, such as a mortgage or car payments, you’re in the ideal position to borrow money from a licensed moneylender. However, ensure that you’re financing a ‘need’ and not just a ‘want’ with your new loan.

  • Stable Income

Lenders will highly discourage individuals with poor or unstable income. If your finances aren’t consistent, or you’re paying 40% of your income to debts, don’t push through with your loan application.

  • Researched and Compared Existing Lender Rates

Only decide to use a lender if you’ve thoroughly researched all available financial offers in your area. In doing so, you make the most compatible loan for your income.


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