Singapore’s Sembawang district is all about culture and class. Here, you can take walks with all roads leading to the wide and open Canberra Park or history storytelling along the Beaulieu House and Old Admiralty House.

Summary of Top Legal Money Lenders of 2021

To make sure you have full enjoyment of all these activities, contact licensed moneylenders once you get low on cash.

Why Do You Need a SME Business Loan?

Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) loans allow business to level-up immediately during a moment of great opportunity. You can get enough cash in a short timespan to scale your business operations immediately.

  • Get The Best Resources For Your Business
    Business resources require initial financial investment. If you and your team are fully confident in your idea, a licensed moneylender’s shared confidence is beneficial. You’ll get the financing you need to get your initial business resources quickly.
  • Take Your Operations to the Next Level
    It can take a great amount of time to convince investors about your business ideas. Licensed moneylenders can offer you the same investment amount in a short period to propel you towards a lucrative opportunity.
  • Achieve The Best Results With Your Solid Business Plan
    Expansion is an enormous business challenge. However, with a business plan, you can gain a licensed moneylender’s confidence. With your shared vision and the lender’s resources, you have the best springboard to propel you towards success.

Why Use a Licensed Moneylender for SME Loans?

Singapore’s licensed moneylenders operate under the regulation of the Ministry of Law and Registry of Moneylenders. You can trust them to provide you with excellent SME Loans for expansion.

  1. Fair and Regulated Contracts
    All licensed moneylenders operate within the Moneylenders Act of 2008’s regulations. Therefore, all their contracts are fair and regulated. Any issue you might encounter with your financing, you can take it up against the lender in a court of law.
  2. Like-For-Like Amounts With Banks
    Licensed moneylenders can provide you nearly the same rates and loan amounts as banks. However, licensed moneylenders have a less stringent and accessible loan application process.
  3. Easy Application Process
    It’s easy to submit your SME loan application online and get results almost the same day. Licensed moneylenders need to establish your business’ income, stability, and existing expenses. Plus, you’ll need to present your business plan in-person, too.

How to Apply For an SME Loan?

  1. Visit The Lender’s Website
    You’ll often find an application form on the lender’s official website. If you’re not so sure about their web address, you can consult the Registry of Moneylenders or Moneylender Review’s list of legitimate lenders.
  2. Submit Their Requirements to Prove Your Eligibility
    The lender will ask you to scan or personally submit required documentation. These documents will prove your SME loan eligibility and present your business plan for the licensed moneylender’s review.
  3. Wait Less Than a Week (or Day!)
    Upon submitting your documents, you won’t need to wait more than a few days or a week to get results.

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List of Money Lenders in Sembawang

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