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Summary of Top Legal Money Lenders of 2022

However, don’t let dwindling cash fail you during your one-time weekend getaway. Get the best financial help from licensed moneylenders.

Personal Loans With Licensed Moneylenders Are Always The Best Choice

Singapore’s licensed moneylenders are a natural microlending evolution. From an unmonitored and predatory industry, licensed money lending now has regulations and has set itself up to be the better choice than banks when it comes to personal loans.

  • No Credit Scores Needed

You won’t contend with needing high credit scores working with licensed moneylenders. They’ll want only to establish your income and work stability when deciding upon your loan application.

  • Six Months Worth Your Salary

You can borrow up to six months of your monthly salary working with licensed moneylenders. Additionally, you’ll deal only with 4% interest.

  • Fair Terms and Conditions

You’ll always have fair terms and conditions working with licensed lenders. The Registry of Moneylenders and Ministry of Law oversees every moneylender’s activity. 


Steps to Apply For A Personal Loan

1. Submit Your Loan Application Form

You can choose to submit your loan application through the licensed moneylender’s physical branch or online portal.

2. Provide All Necessary Documents

You’ll need to prove that you’re above the age of 18, have a stable income and job, plus have a physical address in Singapore. Prepare copies of your NRIC, employment contract, three months of payslips, and any billing that reflects your current address.

3. Wait For Your Loan Approval and Release Date

You’ll need to wait a few hours to less than a day to receive your loan approval and the total amount itself.


What Benefits Can You Get Using Moneylender Review?

1. Form Your Own Budget With Our High-Quality Content

Most Singaporeans are budget conscious because of the enormous costs of living in a first-world country. However, it’s easy to fall into deep debt if you don’t have a long-term budget. Make sure to create a budget before you apply for any personal loan or other financing products.

2. Get The Best Loan Offers From Top-Notch Licensed Moneylenders

Moneylender Review remains updated with the best promotional offers and discount rates from Singapore’s top licensed moneylenders. You won’t need to go out on a limb to find your best options.

3. Help You Learn More About Your Loan Contract

Avoid getting blindsided by your loan contracts by reading all the financing’s fine print, and Moneylender Review’s content can explain it bit by bit to you. Truthfully, the terms and conditions can get confusing, but reading through and fully comprehending your rights and responsibilities hold the key to responsible borrowing and loan applications.


Get The Best Quotes From Dependable Comparison Websites

You can always count on Moneylender Review’s advanced comparison algorithm to get the best quotes from legal money lender in Singapore. Apply now today to get started on your loan.

List of Money Lenders in Lim Chu Kang

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