Bukit Merah is a planning area and new town found in the southernmost part of Singapore’s Central Region. It is popularly known as the Redhill.

In the Central Region, Bukit Merah has the most population. Various places of worship, community centers, and parks are found in the area. These make Bukit Merah a popular choice for residence.

Summary of Top Legal Money Lenders of 2022

What is SME Business Loan and how it works?

A small to medium-sized (SME) business loan is a form of external funding to finance small and medium-sized enterprises. It is not becoming a popular choice for SME business owners to boost their finances.

In a SME business loan, the borrower is given a fixed lump sum that must be repaid together with corresponding interest payments within a certain period.

If you’re a SME business owner in Bukit Merah, you may consider getting an SME business loan to help you with your company’s finances.

Advantages of taking SME business loan with a moneylender

Licensed moneylenders in Singapore are providing SME business loans. They are quickly rising as trustworthy sources for individuals and businesses alike for personal and business loans due to the following reasons:

  1. Get a loan despite a low credit score.

Banks don’t extend loans to people who have low credit scores. This is not true with moneylenders. For moneylenders, your company’s current ability to repay the loan amount matters the most.

  1. Get your loan approved within hours.

Moneylenders ask for fewer requirements. Transactions may also be completed within hours. Thus, if you are in urgent need of cash, getting a loan from moneylenders is the ideal choice.

  1. Get personalized loan packages and repayment plans.

Moneylenders personalize their loan packages and repayment plans according to your business’ specific circumstances versus a bank’s uniform requirements.

Unlike banks, moneylenders are more willing to tailor fit loans according to your company’s needs and ability to repay.

How to apply?

SME business loans have basic requirements. If you’re interested in getting one, take note of the following: your business (1) is registered in Singapore, (2) has been operational for at least one year, and (3) has a minimum turnover of $60,000 per year.

You need to prove eligibility by providing your moneylender with the following documents:

  • All directors and partners NRIC
  • Recent information report (Business Profile) from the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
  • Recent Income tax assessment notice (both personal & from the company)
  • Recent financial statement
  • Recent invoices or business contracts
  • Recent utility bills under the company name
  • Recent six-month bank statements
  • List of assets owned by the company, directors & partners (if any)
  • Office/shop tenancy agreement (if any)

How can we help? 

Do you have a hard time searching for the best SME business loan? We are here to help. We at Moneylender Review aim to bridge the gap between moneylenders and borrowers.

Our company has an updated directory of the best money lender in Singapore. We can also provide personalized loan quotes from multiple licensed moneylenders all at once!

Lastly, we want you to have a convenient and hassle-free experience in getting your best business loan. Thus, your inquiry may only take three steps!

  1. Submit a loan application form.
  2. Receive your personalized loan quotes.
  3. Visit the licensed moneylender office to sign the papers and secure your loan!

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List of Money Lenders in Bukit Merah

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