Singapore is a melting pot of culture anywhere you look, especially in the River Valley. Whether it’s an adventurous Skyline Luge trip in Sentosa or just walking through the Gardens by the Bay, you’re sure to have an excellent time.

Summary of Top Legal Money Lenders of 2022

However, avoid getting financially short during potentially one of the best trips you’ll have in the country with the help of licensed moneylenders.

Get Yourself Away From Loan Sharks

Unfortunately, Singapore’s loan shark problem wouldn’t go away. While you’ll find hundreds of licensed moneylenders, loan sharks will provide you with competitive offers. However, these have life-endangering strings attached. Get away from them and follow the steps below to do so:

  • Consult The Registry of Moneylender’s List
    The Registry of Moneylenders works with the Ministry of Law in enforcing licensed moneylender rules and regulations. Every single moneylender in their list of qualified service providers are trustworthy and comply with the Registry and the Ministry of Law’s terms. If your prospect lender isn’t on this list, don’t work with them to avoid a painful experience.
  • Enticing and Irresistible Loan Offers
    Loan sharks make it almost impossible to resist their offers by providing you with an extremely low-balled market interest rate and high loan amount. Be aware that they’re working with criminal organizations that give them access to such a high amount of loans and impossible rates.
  • Personal Approach
    Illegal lenders tend to approach would-be victims personally, especially in commercially-active trade zones and locations, including River Valley. If someone approaches you in a friendly manner, offering you a low-interest loan, avoid them at all costs.
  • Outreach Communications
    Alternatively, if someone chats, sends you a text message, calls, or suspiciously communicates with you, they’re probably loan sharks. The Ministry of Law and the Registry disallows all licensed moneylenders’ outreach campaigns.

Avoid Getting Into Deep Debt With Responsible Borrowing

Loan sharks are one thing. Your financial aptitude and responsibility are another. Take care not to spiral into debt by following these steps.

  • Compare Loans By Doing Your Research
    Research is crucial to find the best deals and offers that are most compatible with your financial capabilities. Take your time and find the one that truly works for you. The more products you discover, the better chances of saving money and having a smooth experience.
  • Read The Loan Terms and Conditions
    Avoid getting blindsided by your loan contract. Read the fine print and list down areas that make you feel concerned. Only sign the contract If you read terms that do not conflict with your borrower’s rights.
  • Analyze Your Financial Capability
    If you’re about to leave your job, it’s best to reconsider borrowing a personal loan from licensed moneylenders. The same goes for individuals paying for college debt, mortgage, or vehicles.

Make Different Loan Offers Easier To Compare

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List of Money Lenders in River Valley

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