Bishan is found at the northernmost portion of the Central Region of Singapore. It is a planning area and a matured residential town. It holds the 22nd most populated planning area in Singapore. Many private residential properties are also found in the area.

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Apartment blocks in Bishan New Town are known for being the first in Singapore to depart from the brutalist design seen in most Housing and Development Board towns. Three of Singapore’s most prestigious educational institutions, Catholic High School, Raffles Girls’ School and Raffles Institution are found in the town.

Types of Loan

There are different types of loan in the market. Like banks, moneylenders also offer these types of loans. Depending on your needs and capacity, each loan aims to provide you with financial assistance. Before applying for a loan, it is smart to know which loan type matches your need:

  • Personal Loan

One of the most basic and broad types of loan is personal loan where the repayment terms are shorter. The proceeds of the loan may be used for various purposes. Personal loans are often used for vacation, purchase of property, home improvement, among others. The usual interest rate for this type of loan is 1%-4% only.

  • Business Loan

A business loan is available to business owners who want to expand their current venture or are experiencing business turbulence. It is also ideal for people who are planning to start a business. Most moneylenders require at least one year of continuous business operation as an essential loan requirement.

  • Payday Loan

A payday loan is a type of short-term loan dependent on your monthly income. Each loan is due on or before your next payday. If you need cash for an unexpected expense, then a payday loan may be a solution.

  • Monthly Loan

In Singapore, monthly loans are often offered as personal loans. In this type of loan, lenders allow borrowers to get up to 6 months’ worth of their income. If you have a long-term commitment that needs funding, a monthly loan is ideal. In comparison with line credits, a monthly loan is more affordable.

  • Foreigner Loan

Foreigner loan is offered to foreign workers or residents who are still adjusting to the country’s living cost. It is meant to assist them in settling-in, like home rental down-payments and the like. In this type of loan, moneylenders do not require a high credit score.

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