Ang Mo Kio is located in the North-East of Singapore. It is a planning area and residential town. The town ranks 8th in terms of population in the country overall. Today, Ang Mo Kio is mostly urbanised.

Summary of Top Legal Money Lenders of 2022

Despite being urbanised, the area is known for some of its green parks. This is because of the country’s green initiative. Ang Mo Kio Town Garden East and Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West are found in the area.

Advantages of Taking a Personal Loan With Moneylenders

Personal loans are one of the broadest types of loan in Singapore. The loan may be used for various purposes. It is ideal for vacation, purchase of property, home improvement, among others. The usual interest rate for this type of loan is 1% – 4% only.

While a popular choice for a personal loan is to get it from a bank, there are some advantages when you take it from a moneylender. These are:

  • Bad Credit Score is immaterial
    Moneylenders grant personal loans even to borrowers with bad credit. This is unlike banks that do not give loans to people with low credit scores. Moneylenders are more lenient when it comes to credit scores and will provide you with a loan even if you have a bad one. Moneylenders only consider your ability to repay the amount.
  • Faster Transaction
    Getting a personal loan with a moneylender may be approved within hours. Moneylenders usually require fewer requirements than banks. Thus, if you prepare them beforehand, it will help you fast track your application.
  • Customise your loan package
    Moneylenders are more flexible when it comes to loans. There is much leeway to adjust to the borrowers’ situations and their capacity to repay the loan obligation. Unlike with the uniform requirement of banks, moneylenders are more willing to negotiate with you as regards the term of your application.

Steps in Applying for a Personal Loan

Getting a personal loan from a moneylender is convenient. First, you go to their websites and fill up their application form. Then, you need to prepare the list of documents posted on their website, and wait. You may also consider calling a loan officer.

After the submission of your application, you will be booked for an appointment. Lastly, upon visit with the moneylender, you will discuss the loan’s terms and conditions. If you have complete documents and are amenable to the terms and conditions of the loan, then your loan may be approved within hours.

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