Are Personal Loans Impossible to Get in Singapore?

Many people do not realize how easy the process of applying for personal loans is. But most are often asking about how one can qualify for a personal loan in Singapore. Personal loans are unsecured types of loans, meaning that they do not require any form of collateral. Therefore, the moneylender will not have access […]

How to Keep Your Personal Loan Under Control

When you need money, personal loans are a lifesaver and, in some cases, it can help you achieve great things. However, there are cases when we lose sight of how to handle our loans, especially when we take out a large loan for an emergency expense. We may end up panicking because we do not […]

Learn How To Manage Your Financial In 2018

Many young adults in Singapore are by now already employed. It could be that you work at an SME, MNC, or at your start-ups and of course the government. It is unavoidable that some area of these jobs range will involve some form of managing your finances. This article highlights some financial management skills that […]

How To Determine Fake Moneylenders

Moneylenders are individuals or a group of people who offer personal loans that attract high interests. The reason for the high interest is to cushion the risk that comes with the lending process. When you have little access to banking services (un-banked or under-banked), or you are without an excellent credit record. Then working with […]

Why Do Moneylenders In Singapore Charge Higher Interests

Although licensed moneylenders are known to charge higher interests compared to banks. Borrowers need to understand the reasons behind such rates. It is also good to know why despite this they still have regular and new borrower even with the higher rates. In fact, licensed moneylenders play an important role in any economy. For instance, […]