Illegal Money Lender Singapore: Red Flags to Be Aware of

Taking out a loan is a great option to finance assets you want to buy. It’s also a great option when you’re paying off other debt obligations. That’s why many Singaporeans consider getting a loan from a money lender. Unfortunately, not all money lenders are credible. In fact, you’ve probably heard of horror stories involving […]

Top Reliable Money Lenders in Singapore 2021

With so many money lenders on the market offering low interest rate deals and attractive loan packages, finding the right loan to suit you in Singapore can be a challenge – especially if you’re unsure which lenders are 100% reliable and legitimate. Before you submit a loan application with the first money lender whose friendly […]

Top 6 Legal Money Lenders in Singapore

Singapore has one of the most vigorous financial industries in the region. It is no surprise that the country abounds with money lenders that offer various financial and loan services.  However, not all of the hundreds of licensed money lenders in Singapore offer the same level of quality of services. This is why, we decided […]

Learn How to Borrow Money in Singapore With This Guide

There is no need to rely on an ‘x ah long’ to ease financial troubles because a Singaporean, permanent resident, or even a foreigner can borrow from banks, financial companies, or licensed moneylenders.  Factors to Consider When Choosing a Loan Provider When you apply for a loan, there are factors of considerations that you have […]

How To Choose The Best Money Lender In Singapore

There are many instances when we suddenly face unexpected financial emergencies that make us nervous and frustrated. One of the sources you may use to take care of your financial needs is by using the services of legal moneylenders. However, locating a reliable and trusted moneylender is not a simple task, particularly since the Singapore […]

How to Keep Your Personal Loan Under Control

When you need money, personal loans are a lifesaver and, in some cases, it can help you achieve great things. However, there are cases when we lose sight of how to handle our loans, especially when we take out a large loan for an emergency expense. We may end up panicking because we do not […]

Learn How To Manage Your Financial

Many young adults in Singapore are by now already employed. It could be that you work at an SME, MNC, or at your start-ups and of course the government. It is unavoidable that some area of these jobs range will involve some form of managing your finances. This article highlights some financial management skills that […]

Where To Find Low-Interest Money Lender In Singapore

Every now and then you might encounter some financial concerns in life. In such situations, you will need to choose a reputable money lender. The lender needs to be able to offer you suitable loan packages for your needs. The loans offered should be attracting low interests. To help you find the right moneylender that […]

Credit Card Suspended? Here’s Where To Find Money

Singapore’s Monetary Authority (MAS) changed the regulations on unsecured loans. These changes specify the loan amount you can now borrow. The new unsecured loan limit established by Singapore Monetary Authority may not work for many individuals. Life situations at times may require that you have some urgent funding. Therefore, you will need financial aid for […]

When To Use A Personal Loan For Education In Singapore

When you are not able to get a study loan, Singaporeans can consider using a moneylender personal loan for school fees and education. Advancing your education as well as improving your skills is important when you wish to advance your career due to the high level of competitive careers in Singapore. However, in Singapore professional […]