5 Ways to Improve Bad Credit Score in Singapore

A bad credit score can greatly negatively affect your loan-taking transactions. Some financial institutions, such as banks, will not approve your loan application with a credit score that is less than optimal. However, it is not impossible to improve bad scores, although it will take some time and effort. Understanding Credit Score Your credit score […]

Where to Apply for a Loan if You Have a Bad Credit?

Loan applications are stringent in themselves, with eligibility criteria and lots of requirements. Coupled with a bad credit score, this may be more difficult and almost impossible to achieve with lending institutions such as banks. However, it is not completely impossible to get an approval with that kind of situation. Understanding how credit scores work […]

How to Retrieve Your CBS Report

Have you ever been turned down for a car loan or personal finance on account of your credit history? As a borrower, having good credit can often mean the difference between a loan application approval or rejection – especially if you’re applying via banks or similar banking financial institutions.  These days, many money lenders in […]