How to Conduct Bankruptcy Search in Singapore

Bankruptcy is not a familiar story you would like to hear. However, due to various reasons or due diligence tasks, we may need to do bankruptcy searches for individuals and corporations before making essential decisions later.  Bankruptcy involves current and future legal implications and impacts people, be it professional, personal, or financial matters. You may […]

Declaring Bankruptcy: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Bankruptcy cases are becoming increasingly common in Singapore. Nobody wants to be declared bankrupt, but if you have debts or assets to pay off, or you’re suffering big problems with bill collectors, mortgage payments or other significant debts, bankruptcy may be a last-ditch option to satisfy your creditors. Let’s take a look at how bankruptcy […]

What to Do Before and After Filing for Bankruptcy

Being submerged under a huge amount of debt with interest might make it impossible for debtors to repay their financial obligations.  However, filing for bankruptcy can make it possible to get rid of this burden. Despite its negative connotations, filing for bankruptcy is designed to help debtors and creditors alike. What is Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is […]

21 Practical Ways on How to Save Money in Singapore

Singapore is a world-class country with a melting pot of culture. Anywhere you look, you see fusions of culture everywhere that east-meets-west is a daily fact of life. You can expect such a globalized country to take big financial leaps in providing the highest quality of life for its citizens. Thankfully, with proper planning and […]

Why Emergency Fund Is Important To You

It has been ranked amongst the top cities to reside in. Singapore has the highest costs of living in the world. These costs seem to be on the increase. Even for costs such as food, housing, healthcare, petrol and basic needs. However, the only thing that remains stagnate is the salary. Nearly all Singaporeans would […]