Best Short Term Loan in Singapore 2022

Businesses and individuals may fall out of capital or money, respectively, to purchase immediate or urgent needs. When this happens, a short term loan like line of credit, payday loan, invoice financing, merchant cash advances, among others, could be a lifesaver. The debt will most probably get approved than not because in this type of […]

Is Higher Effective Interest Rate Better?

In getting a bank loan it is important that you are aware of the important difference between the advertised interest rate and the effective interest rate.  Awareness of this distinction would give you better insights on the expense that you are incurring in relation to loans that you decide to avail. But aside from this, […]

What Are Your Responsibilities as a Guarantor for a Loan?

When we talk about loans in Singapore, it is almost always that we mention the word guarantor. But what does guarantor actually mean? What does he/she do?  In this article, you will learn what a guarantor is, the guarantor’s qualifications, and responsibilities. Either you need to look for one or are being asked to be […]

Are Unsecured Loans a Good Idea?

If you’re looking for a personal loan in Singapore, chances are you’ll need to choose between two key loan types: secured loans or unsecured loans. The main difference between the two is that secured loans, like mortgages, home loans and car loans, are tied to collateral or personal assets. In contrast, unsecured loans, like revolving […]

Where to Apply for a Fast Cash Loan in Singapore?

One type of personal loan that is popular for its convenience and efficiency is the fast cash loan.  There are many considerations that you must carefully assess before deciding whether or not these kinds of personal loans will best fit for you.  Aside from this, there are also a lot of lending institutions in Singapore […]

Monthly Installment Loans: What is It and Where to Apply

What is a Monthly Installment Loan? A monthly installment loan involves receiving a whole lump sum loan, which will be paid through several installments. It can be a secured or unsecured loan, with the secured type requiring assets as collateral.  Because it is due monthly, the repayment stays the same throughout the loan term, making […]

How to Get Fast Cash, Urgent Loan in Singapore

Uncertainties continue to go beyond what is expected in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis. People cope to survive each day locked inside without knowing what is coming next.  Since the advent of the pandemic, the speed of the economic recovery recedes. It comes as spending patterns, trade and retail, business travel, and working from […]

What is Cash Advance and How Does It Work?

Singapore might be one of the most expensive countries in the world, but it doesn’t mean Singaporeans, foreign workers, and tourists have no access to supplementary cash services. Cash advance services are available for Singaporeans from banks and financial institutions. On the other hand, foreigners can use their credit cards — for a fee — […]

How Hard Is It to Get a Loan in Singapore?

Applying for a loan can be a meticulous process, that is why it can look difficult for some borrowers wishing to do so. However, the application process in Singapore can be relatively fast.  It is not difficult to get a loan in Singapore, as long as you know the eligibility criteria and requirements for each […]