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Summary of Top Legal Money Lenders of 2022

Ensure that you don’t overspend because it’s easy for Yio Chu Kang to get you carried away spending. Thankfully, licensed moneylenders can help you with a personal loan for emergency funding.

Why Is a Licensed Moneylender Best for Personal Loans?

Many Singaporeans and foreign workers choose licensed moneylenders over banks because of its high approval rate requiring no credit scores. If you can establish your income and job stability, a licensed moneylender can help you with all your financing needs.

  • High-Amount Loans Like Banks
    Licensed moneylender personal loans can grant you up to six months of your salary upon approval. Banks can offer you the same rate and more. However, with licensed moneylenders, you have an interest cap of 4%. Also, take note that loan processing fee should not go beyond 10%.
  • Credit Scores Are Unnecessary
    Banks strictly implement credit investigations and give it weight on loan application approval. Licensed moneylenders will perform hard credit inquiries, which can affect your credit score. However, they do not let it have any weight on their final loan application decision.
  • You Can Receive Your Loan On the Same Day
    If you’ve submitted all the requirements, you can get your loan on the same day. As soon as the agreement has been signed by both parties, they will release your loan amount immediately.
  • Easy Requirements and Eligibility
    Most licensed moneylenders will ask you for your NRIC card, income, and work proof, such as employment contracts or payslips, and other essential documents. You’ll only submit a copy for the moneylender’s records and evaluation.

How Can I Start Applying for Personal Loans?

  • Submit Your Application Online
    Locate your chosen licensed moneylender’s website. Next, fill out their application form. The website will ask you if all your information is accurate. Then, it will proceed to ask you for essential documents establishing your eligibility.
  • Include All Requested Documents
    Common documents licensed moneylenders will ask from you are: (1) NRIC cards, (2) income and employment documents, such as employment contracts or payslips, (3) and proof of residence, such as previous credit card statements, utility billing, and more.
  • Loan approval within an hour
    Once you’ve submitted all essential documents, you can receive the money when you sign the contract the same day.

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  • Transparent Reviews
    Additionally, you have a full, 360-degree view on everything about your prospective moneylender thanks to the hundreds of thousands of transparent reviews from borrowers who have succeeded or failed using your prospect’s services.
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List of Money Lenders in Yio Chu Kang

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