How Much Loan Can You Take in Singapore?

Singapore embraces financial tech and revolutionary developments whenever it can. It’s one of the biggest, forward-thinking principles Singaporeans and foreigners praise about their government and financial institutions.  However, numerous financing avenues and routes have the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) observing and looking through all possible areas of abuse and over-borrowing. The prolific trade of […]

Bridging Loans Explained: How Does It Work?

Singapore has been known to have one of the most expensive housing markets in the world. As one person’s family grows bigger or career gets further, a need for a new home and space is inevitable.  However, given the high rate of residential spaces in Singapore, people are apprehensive about buying one.  As a solution, […]

Refinance Home Loan: When It Makes Sense

After acquiring any type of loan, a borrower will rethink their existing loan, whether it is possible to make it more convenient or not.  Questions such as ‘is it possible to lower the interest rates’ or ‘can I have lower monthly installments’ will be thought of. Refinancing can answer these questions by providing ways to […]